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    Professional concrete services in Gosford North 

    Like us, you know the fantastic potential of concrete, but now you want to know what Spray Pave Central Coast can actually do with the stuff. Companies and homeowners who've used our services will all testify to our dedication, work ethic and quality of finish.

    Concrete for your home

    Get in touch with us and we'll come to your home to discuss with you what you want and how we can assist you in achieving your vision. Our team are extremely experienced with concrete and are happy to offer any advice to our customers. We can craft pools, driveways, patios and verandas; if you can think it up, chances are we can create it!

    Reliable and safe

    We understand that, especially for small businesses, keeping costs down and sticking to a schedule is paramount, so we will do our very best to ensure we complete all our work within the timeframe and budget you expect!

    Our staff are completely up to date on all occupational health and safety procedures and practices. You can completely trust our safety management systems, highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a product you will be happy to call your own, so have no fear!

    We've got a large array of equipment, including our fleet of mixers, which our staff will pilot straight to you to attend to your project as quickly as possible.

    Our concrete services

    We Specialise in:

    • Concrete resurfacing
    • Spray on concrete
    • Spray on flooring
    • Spray on stencils
    • Dpoxy flooring
    • Any concrete coatings
    • Concrete grinding
    • Concrete  Polishing
    • Master shield polymer flake flooring

    Selection of finishes

    We promised you that we’ll make your concrete look great, which is why all of our work is available in the following styles and finishes:

    • Broom finish
    • Mechanical steel
    • Trowel finish
    • S-crete finish
    • Rough finish (suitable for paving or tiling by other specialist tradespeople)
    spray pave central coast floor home top view
    spray pave central coast concrete floor before gate

    Let Spray Pave Central Coast make your home or business the best it can  be.
    Give us a go on 0412 220 281 for a free quote and to see how we can help!

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